While most of us are suffering from the consequences of a financial melt down and experience recession first hand, it is not hard to imagine how great it feels to find someone to put the blame on! We're all human after all!

We all have been hit by this mess one way or another. We each have an idea as to how we got here and where we went wrong. Some have stayed quiet because they were not sure who was to blame and some because they were afraid of the system! One way or another, enough is enough! it is time to speak our mind and, hopefully, find a solution for this mess.


As far as the blame game goes, I blame greed! From politicians and major economists who KNEW and didn't blow the whistle to the first-time-buyers who invested 110% of what they owned to hopefully make a 30% profit in a year , we all are victims of greed. Unfortunately, sometimes, it takes a disaster to wake us up. We, as a nation, became too greedy and blind to the fact that anything that goes up, specially as fast as real estate did, shall come down. We sold our peace of mind and quality of life for possibility of making a big profit and lost a lot instead.

Meanwhile, for those who could save the nation but let us drown anyway, there should be a punishment fitting the crime. Those who instead of serving the future of this nation , served their own greed and that of their friends', should not be allowed to get away with it.


In search of a solution, I believe nothing and no one will help us get out of this mess but our unity and perseverance! Regardless of whose fault it has been, as parents of future citizens, we have this duty to make sure that we won't leave this mess for our children. If we don't clean it up, it'll get too big for our children to handle. Hech; they'll choke!

Let's prove to the world one more time that we are the greatest nation on earth, this time, by fixing our own problems rather than the others'. Enough putting our nose where it doesn't belong. What's the point of sending our boys and girls to the mouth of death in the name of democracy when what we get in return is bodies of our soldiers and hatred of the world?

We don't need force to rule the world; we have the technology for it! The world of future, will obviously, be thirsty for new sources of energy to avoid extinction of life as we know it! We can prevail if we cut our dependency to corporate giants, mainly Big Oil, and concentrate on developing tools to use clean sources of energy. That will sell far better than Ford and Chrysler did in the 60's!

Let's not, however, forget that sacrifices shall be made. After all, we are doing this so our children won't have to!

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